This is our land, our homes, our lives. We have recovered.

Living with Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond

Solomon Group was founded by Louisiana natives. So when the Louisiana State Museum asked us to help tell the story of hurricanes and how our state rises, time and again, to overcome their destruction, we responded with Category 5 intensity. The result, we’re proud to say, is Katrina and Beyond, a 6,700-square-foot, media-rich exhibit at the historic Presbytere on Jackson Square.

In order to create the perfect storm of complex interactive and immersive environments with more than 30 media points, we designed advanced control systems that integrate sound, video and lighting into a powerful audience experience. (To stay on Mother Nature’s good side, we also used green building techniques including power-saving LED lighting and video displays.) Okay, enough chatter. Learn more and get yourself to Katrina and Beyond.

What WE Did

  • Complete show control automation systems
  • LED-based lighting design and video displays
  • Integrated audio, video, lighting, touch screens
  • Multi-screen show (30+ points of media)
  • IP-controlled devices for ease of use

What They Said

“I can unequivocally state that Solomon Group delivered great value to us. We think of them as ‘Partners’ rather than ‘Contractors’. They have consistently delivered higher than expected results, on time and within budget.  The reactions from our museum visitors to the media in the exhibit have been overwhelmingly positive.”

-Whitney Babineaux
Louisiana State Museum