Entergy MyHome: Bringing a Virtual Family to Life to Help Entergy New Orleans Customers Save Money

August 2, 2012

Meet George Anderson.  He and his family are the subject of a unique library of interactive features developed by Solomon Group for Entergy. They’re also fictitious.

Earlier this year, Entergy came to us to be part of an initiative they were developing to help their customers save money on their utility bills. They wanted an interactive experience where customers could visit and learn how to reduce energy consumption around the home. After learning about their entire “Save Me Money” portal, we created the Anderson family as a way to humanize, and even add some humor to, do it yourself processes that could otherwise be overlooked as tedious. A comprehensive library featuring over one hour of tips, DIY videos and “edutainment” content, we were proud to deliver Entergy’s MyHome experience as the turnkey product of our large team of writers, producers, actors and technical crew members.

Our work on Entergy’s MyHome website was a natural expansion of our relationship with long-time relationship Entergy. Over the last several years, we’ve produced several CEO roadshows, numerous corporate education videos, as well as a 12-story by 10-story projection mapping project celebrating BCS for Entergy. Keep checking back for more unique and interesting projects from Solomon Group and Entergy.

Here's a link to MyHome New Orleans:  http://entergy-neworleans.com/your_home/save_money/