Solomon Group to Install Two New LED Mega-Screens on the New Orleans Arena

July 7, 2012


High-Definition on the Highway

Just a few short months after our new LED lighting system for the Mercedes-Benz Superdome garnered the 2012 Live Design Award for Architainment, we’re bringing a new LED solution to the fabled downtown Arena/Dome/Champion Square Campus.

Beginning in October, drivers in both directions of I-10 will be able to see the score to Hornets’ games, teasers for upcoming events in the arena and other arena information in stunning 720P High Definition on two near-basketball court sized LED screens as they drive through downtown New Orleans.

Each standing 92 feet wide and 51 feet tall and mounted to the interstate-facing corners of the Arena, the over 4,000 square feet screens boast over 3,000,000 LEDs and use nearly 300,000 watts of electricity.

Having also designed the media technology for Champions Square, the Arena LED installation marks Solomon Group’s third major project for the Complex.