We can work with your team.

Or we can be your entire team.

Solomon Group's uncommon range of expertise allows us to offer our clients the full spectrum of essential services, including design, management, production, fabrication and integration.

From concept sketches to complex technical development and installation, we'll jump in wherever you need us.

Welcome to the idea factory.

You have a story, business goals and a venue. Solomon Group has the curiosity, imagination and expertise to give your audience an unforgettable experience. We start with an "anything goes" approach, exploring a wide range of big ideas and moving fluidly toward refined conceptual renderings. Before the first construction document is drawn, you'll have a realistic idea of how the images, environments, words, lighting, props, motion, sound and other elements will come together to move, educate and entertain. When you say go, our fabrication and technical teams bring it all to life.

What We Do

Concepts + Creative Direction
generating big ideas and guiding their development

Schematic Design
drawings that communicate your event or installation layout

Exhibit Design
full creation of immersive, self-guided installations

Design Development
exploration of all graphic, digital and environmental design elements

Rendering Development
detailed digital illustrations from multiple perspectives

Story Development
creating a unique narrative focused on the intended audience experience

documenting how all elements (words, visuals, live action, technical aspects) flow over a time period