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Solomon Group's uncommon range of expertise and services allows us to create permanent museum exhibits, one-night-only live events and everything in between. From concept sketches to complex technical development and installation, we'll jump in wherever you need us.

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Large scale display, indoors or out.

Solomon Group provides large scale LED display systems to both the permanent installation and rental markets.  Whether it's on a wall in a museum, at an outdoor sports stadium or at a multi-day music festival, Solomon Group's LED solutions provide a huge visual impact. Our LED technology is outdoor rated, light weight and modular, thus capable of fitting into applications where traditional projection or monitors are not feasible. From our high definition 5mm to our 60% transperant 40mm, LED technology can be utelized in a variety of visually stunning and innovative ways to make any space dynamic.

What We Do

LED Panel Procurement
Solomon Group stocks several resolutions and configuration of LED panels ready for rental or sale.

Display Processing
Any type of signal can be shown on an LED screen, live or playback.

Content Creation
Animation graphics, Theme environment video, Custom blending of video and still images