We can work with your team.

Or we can be your entire team.

Solomon Group's uncommon range of expertise allows us to offer our clients the full spectrum of essential services, including design, management, production, fabrication and integration.

From concept sketches to complex technical development and installation, we'll jump in wherever you need us.

Masters of multiple moving parts

Coordinating complex events and installations isn’t easy, but we’ve got it down to a science. To start strong and stay on top of the process, we collaborate with you to define the project scope, timing, budgets and other critical parameters up front. Then we work tirelessly to coordinate the right resources to tell the right story. Along the way, you can count on regular updates, project team access and proactive problem solving.

What We Do

Market Surveys
gathering audience needs, opinions, perceptions and preferences about your proposed event or installation

determining the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed project

Master Planning
comprehensive description of how all project goals will be realized

detailed cost estimates for every conceivable project expense

Bidding + Vendor Selection
requests for competitive pricing; vendor review and recommendation

Construction Coordination
working closely with all fabrication and installation vendors

ensuring that every event/exhibit element and system functions properly