Louisiana Civil Rights Museum


Solomon Group is honored to be the exhibit producer, fabricator, and technology integrator, for the first-ever permanent museum exhibit dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement in Louisiana. As this iconic space opens its doors to the public our CO-Founder & CEO, Gary Solomon, Jr. shares details about this transformative experience:

"At the heart of this experience, you will find a carefully curated narrative that seeks to underscore the very essence of our civil rights journey in Louisiana. As you navigate the exhibition, you'll journey through the three fundamental rights: the right to assemble, the right to education, and the right to vote. These pillars weave stories of determination, resilience, and the profound human spirit that have shaped our state's history.

Our team at Solomon Group, in collaboration with our design partner, Local Projects, and our New Orleans-based content creator, GMc+Co ("GeeMac"), have worked tirelessly to translate these stories into an experiential reality. Our combined expertise has ensured that this museum is not just a cultural destination, but a living, breathing testament to those who came before us. We have breathed life into both static and interactive exhibits, capturing moments in time that resonate deeply within our cultural fabric.

One of the many standouts of this museum is the DreamCube. This immersive space is designed to transport you back in time. Imagine walking alongside protestors during the early civil rights marches or joining the brave first black students as they took those monumental steps into a desegregated school. This isn't just history – it's a lived experience."

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