Matterport 3D Spatial Technology Brings New Exhibits to Life


As an entertainment production firm, staying at the forefront of technology is vital to ensure that both our internal processes and client experiences benefit from the latest innovations. One groundbreaking tool in our arsenal is Matterport, a cutting-edge platform that crafts immersive, to scale 3D virtual tours of physical spaces.

We talked to Solomon Group veteran, Lance Johnston, to find out more. Lance has built experiences with us for over a decade as our Site Fabrication Supervisor and constantly pushes Solomon Group to utilize the latest technology to make our builds more efficient and accurate.

Lance walks us through the Matterport technology - which involves a lidar camera that performs a 360-degree scan of an area, allowing users to navigate through the space in real-time. The result is a comprehensive file that our technical designers can utilize to create accurate models of the environment, without needing to visit the site. This not only simplifies the measurement process for our team but saves our clients from sending our team members out to sites.

As Solomon Group’s Experience Development consulting business continues to grow, our client teams entrust our fabrication and live event production teams to conduct site visit evaluations to determine to best location for their next pop-up event or exhibit. Using the Matterport camera, we're able to help our clients make the most informed decision possible by providing precise layouts and 3D representations, offering a more immersive and accurate alternative to traditional methods like video calls.

Click the links below to see it in action at a few of our exhibit construction sites as well as a before and after shot of the Louisiana Civil Rights Museum!

  1. The Louisiana Civil Rights Museum
  2. Pacolet Passenger Rail Car
  3. Crossroads Museum

* The above information is not part of a paid partnership with Matterport.