Top 10 Most Exciting Moments in SG Sports History

We don’t take our motto of #MadeforThis lightly. We are a group of dreamers, problem-solvers, fixers. Our approach to creating the perfect event or environmental design is different from other creatives because we’re the producers, builders, and installers of what we design. We aim to minimize or eliminate those moments where design doesn’t match up with reality. Our extensive experience positions us to avoid the last minute: “Since when was there a chandelier hanging in our stage’s sight line?” moments. Our design and production teams are thorough, living totally within the reality of the space we’re transforming. Our producers think of everything, ahead of time, so when we’re onsite and its crunch time, thing flows smoothly.

But you can’t always plan for everything –– and we remain agile to shine in those moments of last-minute magic making too. Take a walk down memory lane with us as we highlight the top 10 most exciting sports moments in Solomon Group’s 15-year history of creating iconic, challenging, and unbelievable experiences.

1. The Vegas Strip Takeover (2022 NHL All-Star Weekend)

Working with the NHL to create a Vegas takeover for the 2022, All-Star Weekend, we got lucky with the opportunity to shut down the iconic Vegas Strip for a hockey fan experience like no other. Those familiar with the iconic Bellagio fountains would be surprised to look over and see our team of scuba divers installing several platforms that would later become the first hockey skills challenge over water – not ice. Watch the unprecedented come to life here!

2. Broadcast from the Hustle & Bustle of Times Square (2015 TNT Broadcast Set)

No easy feat, in 2015, our team jumped through hoops of permitting a massive 3-story broadcast set in Times Square for TNT featuring basketball legends Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and more.

3. Kendrick Lamar's Arctic Atlanta Performance (2018 College Football Playoff)

Braving record-low temperatures in Atlanta during the 2018 College Football Playoff weekend, we designed, built and produced Kendrick Lamar's unforgettable outdoor halftime performance at the ESPN show. Our team is forever bonded by the major feat of producing this arctic show, and forever impressed with Kendrick Lamar’s showmanship through it all! Watch it all go down in Atlanta. here.

4. Joe Burrow's Championship Triumph (2020 College Football Playoff)

In a historic moment for both the LSU Tigers and the football-loving state of Louisiana, our team got to witness Joe Burrow's victory in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship. Solomon Group produced an entire weekend of fan events and concerts throughout New Orleans, all leading up to the big game.

Bonus: We also produced the Heisman set in New York’s PlayStation Theater when Joe Burrow received the award in 2019. Team Burrow for life.

5. Reviving the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge (2019)

After a decade-long hiatus, we breathed new life into the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge by dreaming up, testing out, and creating fresh skills challenges for the Orlando City and Atletico Madrid teams. Watch our process of creating the skills challenges here.

6. Machine Gun Kelly's High-Flying Act (2022 NHL All-Star Game)

In a last-minute feat of magic, we flew Machine Gun Kelly from the ceiling to the ice during the NHL All-Star Game intermission performance. Watch MGK’s full performance over ice, here.

7. A Two-Story NBA All-Star Crystal Court (2020 NBA All-Star Weekend)

We took the NBA All-Star experience to new heights by designing a two-story Crystal Court, allowing players and fans to witness the action from both above and below. See the game live, from all angles here.

8. Getting Creative in the French Quarter (2013 Super Bowl)

When the Super Bowl descended upon our beloved New Orleans, we produced the CBS broadcasts. Overcoming the challenge of navigating the bustling French Quarter, we designed a wrought iron-themed bridge to elegantly extend wires ABOVE the busy streets, so cars wouldn’t drive over them. Our fabrication studio and technical designers were able to provide our live events producers and clients with an elegant, branded solution to a technical problem.

9. Illuminating the Superdome's Legacy (2011 & Beyond)

Solomon Group had the privilege of illuminating the Superdome, one of the most iconic and culturally significant buildings in New Orleans, for the first time in 2011, making it an even more visually stunning addition to the New Orleans skyline. A decade later, when Caesars earned naming rights to the Superdome, we refreshed the building’s brilliance, and illuminated the iconic domed roof with iconic Caesars branding. Our team designed and rendered the best distribution of Chauvet Illumipod LL fixtures and procured, programmed and installed 96 lights around the perimeter of the roof, as well as the crown of the roof, seen best from aerial shots.

Take a look at the history of the Superdome lights that Solomon Group designed in partnership with architecture firm, EskewDumezRipple, ASM, and the Saints here.

10. MLB Draft History-Maker (2021 MLB Draft Denver)

Our inaugural collaboration with MLB in 2021 resulted in the most-watched MLB Draft ever with over 1 Million views, showcasing our ability to revive the event and captivate baseball fans across the nation.

Since then, we’ve brought bigger and better MLB Draft productions to Los Angeles, Seattle, and in 2024, we'll bring the Draft to the land where everything is bigger –– Arlington, TX.

Check out our first MLB Draft collab with MLB and Frank Supovitz of Fast Traffic Events + Entertainment here!

Solomon Group is constantly raising the bar for ourselves, making sure the next challenge is more technically difficult and even more challenging to pull off. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for you for 2024 and beyond. We guarantee you more surprises and jaw-dropping moments in sports history.

Let’s see which events just barely missed the cut...

Just like a good coach – we had to make some cuts somewhere. That doesn’t mean we don’t love all of our players equally!

Check out two more unforgettable, never-been-done-before SG moments that made our designers, producers, carpenters, installers, etc. stop and think... dang, we really are Made for This.

11. When Solomon Group gave away signed rookie cards of the 2023 1st Draft Pick, Victor Wembanyama, at the Fanatics Live x Topps live event in San Antonio, TX.

12. When we produced the CFP ESPN Halftime Show out on Treasure Island in San Francisco, featuring Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne. Watch the explosive performance here!


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