Moonshot Museum invites visitors to see real lunar spacecraft as they’re being built by space industry professionals, embark on their own simulated lunar mission, and find how they fit into the future of space exploration. Before visitors embark on a simulated lunar mission, they are introduced to the $450 billion global space industry, the incredible opportunities space offers humanity, and how space can help us solve some big problems here on Earth.

The simulated experience begins by stepping into The Lab to build a lunar rover, take a closer look at real-life lunar landers and rovers under construction in Astrobotic’s Clean Room; and join space industry engineers in working through simulated challenges associated with exploring the Moon.

Moonshot Museum offers an unfacilitated exploratory adventure where visitors engage with interactive stations at their own pace.

Solomon Group worked with the exhibit planning and design team at Luci Creative to develop the AV integration within the exhibit, ensuring it was prototyped and play-tested to make the Museum experience even more impactful for its lunar learners.

  • AV Systems Integration
  • Equipment Procurement
  • AV Systems Design
  • Programming