Making Moments Matter

When there’s no other time but right now. That’s the magic of live events — singular, shared experiences that can’t happen anywhere else. For almost 15 years, Solomon Group has produced spectacular high-stakes events that engage, entertain and inspire audiences across the world. Concerts and festivals. Fan and brand experiences. High-stakes broadcasts. Transforming artistic vision into cultural reality is what we do — and if you can feel the FOMO, we’re doing it right.

For greater outside-the-venue engagement, share your event with the world through made-for-TV broadcast production or high-quality livestream services. And if you’re looking to deliver a more immersive, interactive experience, we can work seamlessly with you to integrate a themed environment or a custom technology experience into your live event.



Our Live Events producers create high profile, one-of-a-kind memorable experiences with our proven expertise in innovative productions and our approach to creating audience engagement for concerts and festivals, fan experiences, corporate events, branded environments, galas and more in venues across the United States.

Event Strategy & Production

TV Broadcast Production

Conceptual Design & Ideation

3D Production Design

Budgeting & Assessment

A/V and Lighting

Venue Consultation

Site Planning

Credentialing + Technology


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