For our second volume of our MADE FOR THIS series, we are taking it to our Orlando Fabrication Studio with a spotlight on our talented Scenic Manager, Pete Stevens.

So what is scenic art? Pete describes Scenic Art as the transformation of raw materials and metals into beautiful recreations. Scenic is the last step of the overall fabrication process, where his department delicately sculpts, creates, paints, and finishes unique pieces for some of the world’s most recognizable attractions, museums, and experiences.

Pete’s extensive 25-year career began in upstate New York where he was voted most artistic in high school, (well, of course). He got his love of scenic art where most Solomon Group team members get their love of creating immersive environments experiences –– in the theater. Pete moved from New York to Orlando 12 years ago, where he worked on some of Disney’s coolest projects before he made his way to Solomon Group.

Pete's made for this moment: going around Hawaii with Disney to experience the colors, textures, and nature of the foliage and rocks he was tasked with recreating at the Disney Alani Resort. Pete recalls working with young folks in Hawaii who asked him “Is this really what you do? Make fake rocks look like real rocks?”

They hit the nail on the head.

His favorite part about the theming industry is the people, which he calls his family. Pete believes: “Teamwork is everything. You are only as strong as your team and the people around you. Every voice matters, regardless of skill level.” Pete advocates for a culture of open communication, agility, and a perpetual willingness to think beyond conventional boundaries.

Pete's deep enthusiasm for the industry ensures he is on top of and welcoming new trends. Pete is always leveraging new learnings and technology to get a “little better all the time.” Over his career, he has witnessed the transformation from manual craftsmanship to the advent of CNC machines, which revolutionized accuracy and precision. The evolution of materials used in the fabrication process also reflects the dynamic nature of the industry. Pete looks forward to keeping the Solomon Group scenic department fresh and forward-thinking!

Cheers to Pete! We are lucky to have you on the team!