MADE FOR THIS: Experiential Technology


Welcome to the fourth installment of our MADE FOR THIS series, where we’ll delve into the realm of experiential technology with SG’s Director of Experiential Technology, James Hebert!

But what exactly is experiential technology? James defines it as the use of technology to transform a space into an interactive experience, rather than a visual spectacle. Experiential technology at its core involves making guests active participants in an exhibit, thereby truly bringing the storytellers’ narrative to life. James says, “When you can’t find the right words, we will find the right tech.”

James's journey into technology began in the U.S. Air Force, where he installed communication systems Worldwide. Subsequently, he was part of Royal Dutch Shell’s High-End Collaboration project, where he took part in establishing a system enabling engineers to receive real-time offshore geophysical data, facilitating quick responses to data changes. Through this, James was part of the first team to successfully drill First Oil completely remotely. In 2018, James joined Solomon Group as an AV Designer, and the rest is history!

Among his standout projects at Solomon Group, James holds a special fondness for Planet Word. This groundbreaking exhibit showcases the boundless possibilities of experiential technology, exemplified by the Word Wall interactive. Solomon Group meticulously crafted the 40ft wide letter wall and designed a projection map to illuminate specific words. James said this project “took a village,” with the team reviewing the show’s content second by second to make sure the projector was mapped to each specific word at the correct time. Adding another layer of innovation, the World Wall itself acts as a colossal speaker, with several Transducer embedded inside, allowing the sound to emanate directly from the letters. The Word Wall was a labor of love for James and his team who put their signature stamp on it!

James' favorite part of the job is showing people what is possible with technology, from the conceptual phase when the possibilities are endless, to the end of the project when it all comes to life.

James holds a Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS) certification through Avixa, the premier professional credential with over 13,000 CTS holders globally. To stay on top of the latest industry advancements, James diligently attends classes, showcasing his commitment to remaining current in the dynamic field of experiential technology. As James looks ahead, he is enthusiastic about the trajectory of the experiential technology industry and excited to witness Solomon Group's continued evolution within it.