Experience Development

Louisiana Civil Rights Museum

Solomon Group takes immense pride in spearheading the creation of a groundbreaking permanent exhibit dedicated to Louisiana's pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Over three years, Solomon Group led the development, fabrication, and integration of cutting-edge technology for this historic museum. As this iconic space opened its doors to the public, our CO-Founder & CEO, Gary Solomon, Jr. shared details about this transformative experience:

"At the heart of this experience, you will find a carefully curated narrative that seeks to underscore the very essence of our civil rights journey in Louisiana. As you navigate the exhibition, you'll journey through the three fundamental rights: the right to assemble, the right to education, and the right to vote. These pillars weave stories of determination, resilience, and the profound human spirit that have shaped our state's history."

To develop these stories, we collaborated with esteemed design partner, Local Projects, our talented crew of local artisans and craftsman, and the New Orleans-centered content experts from GMc+Co ("GeeMac").

Working hand in hand with the Louisiana Civil Rights Advisory Board, comprised of esteemed community leaders and activists who spent 20 years dreaming up this museum, we ensured the result was not only a new cultural destination, but a testament to their lifelong dedication to social justice.

A key goal of the Advisory Board was to inspire and educate the next generation of activists and organizers. One key element of the Museum, the “DreamCube,” allows visitors to follow in the footsteps of those who came before them. This dramatic interactive installation uses projection mapping and motion detection to allow visitors to walk alongside the longest civil rights march and join the first Black students to enter desegregated elementary schools amidst fierce protest and disapproval.

Solomon Group is proud to have breathed life into both static and interactive exhibits, capturing moments in time that resonate deeply within our cultural fabric and maintaining the highest standards of quality for narratives of major significance. 

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