The National World War II Museum Liberation Pavilion

In November 2023, the Solomon NEXT Experiential Technology team completed a historic feat –– successfully producing the high-end AV systems design and installation within the final permanent exhibit hall of the National WWII Museum –– the Liberation Pavilion.

The exhibit explores the end of World War II, the Holocaust, the immediate postwar years, and the ongoing impact of the war. The three-story Pavilion featured exhibit spaces, immersive settings, impactful artifacts, and theaters, designed to be the capstone experience for museum visitors.

During the early stages of planning and production, Solomon Group consulted heavily on the design, budgeting and scheduling of this final exhibit. Our team provided value engineering services, identifying cost-saving opportunities from the start. Along with the rest of the partner-stakeholders, the NEXT team navigated unique challenges from design to installation.

The most technically challenging aspect of the exhibit was the fully polygonal art piece at the entrance, onto which a film is projected. The many polygonal angles required extensive projection studies to align with each polygon. Despite the differences in size and shape between the art pieces’ design and the final build, our System Programming team’s expertise emerged as a secret weapon, ensuring seamless on-site integration.

The museum's desire to align the opening with the National Medal of Honor Award Gala also presented a challenge, emphasizing the importance of timely communication and proper handoff of information. While our Experiential Technology was hard at work to meet this deadline, The National WWII Museum called on our Solomon NOW Live Events team to produce the Grand Opening of Liberation Pavilion, as well as The Congressional Medal of Honor Society's Patriot Awards Gala. In attendance at the opening of our 15th exhibit with the NWWIIM was beloved actor, Tom Hanks, as well as 40 WWII veterans, Holocaust survivors, and Home Front workers.

The closing of the Liberation Pavilion chapter as the final permanent exhibit of the Museum brings our team full circle. The National World War II Museum catapulted Solomon Group by hiring the company for its very first project as a newly formed exhibit fabrication and live event production house. Since the start of our 15-year partnership, Solomon Group has been honored to be a part of the successful evolution of the museum's story, from historic live events to industry-changing immersive exhibits.

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