The National WWII Museum Arsenal of Democracy

For the Arsenal of Democracy exhibition, The National WWII Museum wanted a themed environment that would tell the story of the road to WWII and how it was fought on the home front. It was important to blend relevant historical artifacts with distinctive scenic environments to create a richly immersive visitor experience.

To tell the story of the war "at home,” Solomon Group was recruited to provide scenic fabrication and lighting services for the project. Working alongside Gallagher & Associates in nine galleries, our team recreated a variety of immersive environments including a vintage newsstand, factory floor, military barracks, a 1942-style home and more.

Our team worked in close collaboration with the museum and the exhibit designer to ensure that each physical element was built as designed with as high a degree of authenticity as possible. For the “War Affects Every Home” gallery, Solomon Group built the house itself, sourced period furniture, installed 40s-era appliances and even provided genuine photos displayed in the home.

  • Cost Estimation
  • Scenic Fabrication + Finishing
  • Graphics Production
  • CNC
  • A/V Systems Design + Integration
  • Technical Direction
  • Show Control System Design + Programming
  • Installation & Maintenance