When news spread of a brand new attraction being built along the Gulf Coast with a mission to bring awareness and support to conservation efforts to the region, our New Orleans-born team jumped at the support of its development.

Solomon Group worked closely with PGAV Destinations to bring their concepts for the Mississippi Aquarium (MSAQ) to life with scenic artistry, graphics and wayfinding, monumental signage and carpentry.

Together, PGAV (exhibit designers) and Solomon Group found innovative ways to navigate the production of exhibits for the 80,000-sq. ft. aquarium while coordinating with numerous on-site contractors. Weaving through both indoor and outdoor spaces, our teams ensured that scenic attractions and wayfinding signs told the aquarium’s stories about the abundant variety of marine life in the Mississippi Sound, Gulf of Mexico and beyond. They also had to be outdoor-rated and sturdy enough to withstand the hot, humid and frequenty-rainy Mississippi weather, as well as the curious nature of visiting children.

Our A/V team also worked with an outside vendor to create and install a responsive, interactive experience where projected fish “swim” by guests’ feet as they walk past.

Once the aquarium broke ground in 2018, it spurred a regional revitalization, bringing new businesses and a boost to tourism. The Mississippi Aquarium opened its doors August 29, 2020 on the 15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina - standing as a symbol of hope for the region moving forward.