MLB Draft

2021 - Present
Since 2021, Major League Baseball (MLB) and Fast Traffic Events have entrusted Solomon Group to produce their highly anticipated MLB Draft Broadcast and Red Carpet Show. With each passing year, the event has evolved, drawing in a larger audience and raising the bar for All-Stars Week celebrations across national leagues.

In July 2023, our team took the MLB Draft experience to Seattle, Washington. Early on in our site visits, our creative team was immediately inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, designing the stage to blend familiar nature and cutting edge technology. The show's custom-designed and built amphitheater was a showcase for Solomon Group's creativity and logistics expertise. The set, which featured 72 live trees native to the region and custom rockwork, coupled with the electric atmosphere of the custom amphitheater left a lasting impression on both live and at-home audiences.

The MLB Draft broadcast reaches millions of viewers through MLB networks and ESPN; our 2021 production marked the most-viewed Draft in MLB history. The broadcast not only engages fans from the comfort of their homes but also welcomes a live stadium audience of players, their families, press and passionate baseball enthusiasts. Just as Solomon Group wraps up each highly anticipated Draft, they hit the next site the very next day, producing the MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show, where fans can see and interact with the best players in the world.

  • AV/Lighting
  • Design
  • Event Production
  • Scenic Fabrication
  • Venue Coordination
  • Selection Evaluation
  • Site Planning
  • Catering