Experience Development

The International African American Museum

Solomon Group is honored to have been chosen as the project consultants, AV integrators, and exhibit fabricators for the International African American Museum (IAAM), a monumental project spanning 41,800 square feet with a total cost of around $100 million. Located at the historic Gadsden's Wharf in Charleston, the museum's significance lies in its position as the port of arrival for nearly half of all enslaved Africans brought to North America. The IAAM, with its nine thematic galleries, serves as an educational hub, a groundbreaking resource for African-American genealogy, and a memorial honoring the enslaved and their descendants.

In the midst of the design process, a new curator joined the project, prompting changes and a call to Solomon Group for assistance. Tasked with transitioning from 50% design development to final, effective, and buildable gallery experiences aligned with the new vision, Solomon Group implemented an iterative scope review method. This involved addressing specific challenges, fostering positive relationships within the team, and aligning with the curator's vision. The iterative review process encompassed design development, value engineering, fabrication methods, materials exploration, and graphics options, leading to tighter pricing and a seamless transition to production.

Having earned the trust of IAAM through meticulous planning and problem-solving, Solomon Group secured the contract for the fabrication and AV system integration of the 38,000-square-foot museum. With a hand-picked team of project consultants, technologists, artisans, and dedicated projects managers boasting extensive experience in high-end, innovative museum projects, Solomon Group successfully contributed to the realization of the IAAM.

  • Exhibit Design Management
  • Artifact Display
  • Custom Fabrication + Finishing
  • A/V Systems Design + Integration
  • Project Management + Consultation