Experience Development

World of Coca-Cola Beverage Lab

The immersive World of Coca-Cola Beverage Lab experience delves deep into the world of beverages and offers guests of all ages a chance to explore the science, creativity, and innovation that fuel Coca‑Cola's iconic lineup of drinks. In the Beverage Lab, visitors aren't just spectators; they become active participants in the journey of exploration, creation and inspiration.

Following our team's execution of the World of Coca-Cola ‘Scent Discovery’ Exhibit, the Coca-Cola Company team entrusted Solomon Group with continued responsibilities as their experince development, scenic fabrication, and AV integration partner. With years of working experience together, our team became fluent in understanding the Coke team’s needs and measures of success.

The collaborative efforts of our AV, Fabrication, and Experience Development teams were focused on enhancing the interactive elements of the lab, fostering a sense of participation and curiosity among guests.

Our Fabrication team employed custom millwork and an array of glass tubes to achieve a high-end, sleek look and feel within the Beverage Lab. A major architectural element of the experience is the wooden, freeform slat walls. Pre-assembled in our shop for easy onsite assembly, the slat walls were composed of four miles of wooden slats, skillfully installed along a curved wall, adding a warm touch to the environment.

Our AV team was focused on giving the laboratory interactive touches. Everything was hands-on, from touch screens to projections that moved with you. An immersive highlight of the experience is the Carbonation Station where guests gesticulate in front of an interactive panel to generate enough bubbles to carbonate the soda. Our team used Kinect-style cameras to blend two projectors onto a curved wall with interactive media.

Three of Solomon Group’s threaded specialties came together during the making of this experience. Our AV and fabrication teams created mockups and prototypes within our Orlando studio. The Coca-Cola team, along with our Experience Development team which acts as an extension of our clients, were able to visit and ensure our creations were aligned with their vision. Every detail was meticulously considered to create an environment that not only reflects the brand's long-standing identity but also provides an engaging and visually stunning experience for thousands of new and returning visitors to the World of Coca-Cola.

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