NHL All-Star Weekend

2017 - PRESENT

Solomon Group has been collaborating closely with the NHL since 2017 to extend the reach of their brand and enhance accessibility to the game. Our expertise in entertainment has been instrumental in transforming the All-Star Weekend into a captivating experience for fans of all ages.


  1. 7-year partnership
  2. Year-over-year growth of the event
  3. In 2024, the first-ever All-Star Weekend Draft featuring celebrity captains Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Will Arnett, and Tate McRae, adding an additional night to the festivities
  4. The 2022 event targeted the iconic Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, with ice set up in the middle of the water
  5. Set records in 2017 with 2.2 million viewers across the country

In 2024, we witnessed unprecedented growth in the event, with more musical performances than ever before. Thanks to the success of previous All-Star weekends, 2024 saw the addition of a third day to the schedule, ramping up on Thursday with the NHL Draft. This draft introduced a new dynamic by inviting Canadian icons to be the team captains, including Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Will Arnett, and Tate McRae, who got to pick their all-star teams. The event drew in 25,000 live fans in Toronto, Canada and garnered over 1 million broadcast viewers worldwide.

With all eyes on the ice, Solomon Group’s production team runs a tightly coordinated operation before and during the live show. The biggest challenge of a live show with both performances and skills challenges on ice is the changeover of sets on and off the ice; these critical moments require very intense staging work and a tightly choreographed crew to ensure there is no damage done to the ice. After seven years as the NHL’s production partner, Solomon Group has perfected this challenging process over the years.

Our trusted relationship with the NHL allows us to push the boundaries of what can be achieved on the ice, including special effects, pyrotechnics, and projections, which ultimately enhance the entertainment factor of the event. From the dynamic "Shooting Stars" challenge in 2020 that swept the internet to the never-before-seen 2022 target event held within the iconic Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, our creative edge has continuously challenged what’s possible. We work seamlessly each year to capture the excitement and deliver it swiftly to our broadcast partners ESPN and SportsNet.

Spanning cities from Tampa Bay to San Jose, we are experts at transforming each host location into a uniquely themed NHL spectacle. Notable recent intermission acts have featured A-List performances from Green Day, Machine Gun Kelly, Fall Out Boy, and Tate McRae.

This multi-year partnership is a testament to our commitment to excellence and consistency when delivering innovative and captivating live event experiences and broadcasts.

  • Concept Development
  • Design + Direction
  • Live Event Production
  • Technical Direction
  • Lighting Design + Systems
  • Custom Specialty Graphics
  • Show Logistics + Management
  • Credential Production + Management
  • ROS + Script Writing
  • Installation Services
  • Venue Management
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Artist Relations
  • Projection Mapping