Sazerac House

Standing proudly in a historic building just a short stroll from the original 1850s-era Sazerac Coffeehouse, The Sazerac House is an immersive exploration of the spirited culture of New Orleans. Invented in the French Quarter in the booming 1800s, the Sazerac cocktail has been central to what defines New Orleans for almost 175 years and remains one of the city’s signature drinks.

When the Sazerac Company had the idea to build an immersive exhibit where the past, present and future come together over cocktails, Solomon Group was all-in. The result is a historic 19th-century building filled with handsome dark wood cabinetry housing a wide range of sophisticated video and electronic technology - all telling the story of the deeply rooted history of the “spirited culture” of New Orleans and of the company’s other renowned brands.

  • Exhibit Fabrication + Finishing
  • AV Systems Integration
  • Graphics Production
  • Exhibit Casework
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • Exhibit Lighting
  • Project Management

White oak plays a vital role in the aging of rye and other whiskeys, and the Sazerac House is filled with high-end, quartersawn white oak cabinetry and cases - all fabricated by Solomon Group’s artisan millworkers. Each element is crafted with fine details, making each piece historically accurate and as interesting as the artifacts it displays.

Working with our millworkers and carpenters, our technology team integrated a wide range of advanced A/V and lighting systems throughout the 19,800 sq.ft. visitor center.

The Sazerac House experience is a showcase for Solomon Group’s ability to work simultaneously as the A/V integrator and fabricator, seamlessly marrying A/V systems integration with newly fabricated exhibitry in a venerable building. It is our goal with the Sazerac Company to bring cheers to New Orleans locals and tourists alike for a long time to come.