So you’re a dreamer, a visionary, a game-changer. You’ve got a big story to tell, and we know how to translate it across diverse audiences. The SG/XD team is the nexus between all stakeholders –general contractors, investors, sponsors, designers, fabricators, technologists, and your end user – whoever they may be. We’ve spent decades creating, operating, and consuming live and immersive experiences across five continents. We’ve viewed them from every angle, in every role, from start to finish.

We partner with clients in all sectors and scales, who have one thing in common: they’re on the precipice of something major – a high-stakes, high-impact project that is calling for a studio of thinkers, planners, and creators to bring it to life. 

Whether you’re one of the most iconic brands in the world or a small nonprofit putting your cause on the map...Whether you’re creating a world-class museum, a dynamic entertainment complex, or the next big music festival...SG/XD team offers the invaluable insights and management services of a team that lives, breathes, and builds award-winning places, spaces, and moments.

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Our SG/XD team is nothing if not committed to the follow-through. As true partners, we are dedicated to seeing your project through every challenge, using our specialized knowledge and vast network to deliver custom solutions. From kick-off to completion, our specialists ensure that every decision you make—whether creative, financial, or operational—is well-informed and considered.

Whether we work with our in-house creative and production specialists to bring your vision to life or collaborate with your existing team, we advocate for your best interest at each phase of the project. Our team’s agility, creativity, and deep understanding of the collaborative process of designing, building, and operating immersive and live experiences empower us to deliver the optimal path to project success.

When no two projects are ever alike, Solomon Group’s specialists recognize your needs and create a scope of work that meets you where you are to get you to where you want to be.

Research & Discovery

Experience Design Direction

Coordination of Construction Contractors & Consultants

Budget Forecasting & Planning

Master Scheduling & Sequencing

Operational Consulting & Recruiting

Procurement Management


Are you making major moves in a brand-new direction? SGXD lives to develop concepts into realities. We're ready to hear all about your big plans.