Pushing Boundaries

When it’s exactly right, it’s incredible. Next-level technology and content integration is critical to delivering the richest sensory experience. Our team partners with media designers, interactive designers and others to explore artistic and cultural possibilities of sound, lighting, video, touch, effects and more — all meticulously planned and seamlessly synchronized for maximum audience engagement. Sensory bliss is our jam, and we’re constantly exploring ways to give audiences a taste of something new.

Experiential technology shines a dramatic light on some of our most dynamic and memorable themed environments, from stadiums and monuments to world-class museums and brand experiences. Our experts thrive on fast-paced, technologically complex design and programming challenges that demand the ability to heighten the senses and surprise audiences — giving technology the form and freedom to become part of the art itself. And in the live events space, our technologists often help clients concept and execute programmable interactive tech to transform and intensify the in-person experience.

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Our skilled Experiential Technology team knows exactly what it takes to bring one-of-a-kind technological environments to life, seamlessly integrating technology with fabrication with the touch of a button. From large museum LED screens to arena lighting, our team of experienced A/V integrators and designers offer top-of-the-line service to bring your experience into the “Phygital” world.

A/V Design Consultation

Show Control & Programming

Projection Mapping

Architectural Lighting & LED

Performance A/V & Lighting


Whatever it is, our technologists were made for the challenge.